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English Proofreading Service For International Students

We help foreign students studying in the UK and other English speaking countries fix language issues in their academic work.  Our services can increase your marks, improve your experience of the education system, and boost your academic performance.


"After using the services of (AwardProof) I received a distinction grade for one of my assignments, and a merit grade for another. The feedback for both pieces of work was excellent, communicating about structure, clarity and style. I would not have achieved these grades without (AwardProof’s) assistance."


Postgraduate Student, Durham University


Our Proofreading Process

1. Submit your work as a Microsoft Word document using our submission form.

2. We'll send you a PayPal invoice for you to pay so that we can proofread your work. (See below for details about pricing).

3. Once your work has been proofread, we'll email it back to you. All the changes will have been made using Word's 'track changes' function.

4. You can then review the changes, as well as comments we've made, using them to improve your work.


The 5 Main Benefits of Having Your Work Proofread

No Mistakes or Errors All spelling errors, typos and grammatical mistakes will be corrected. 


More ReadableSentence structure and flow will be improved.

Improved LanguageVocabulary, word choice, and incorrect use of idioms will be fixed.

Better Structure - Issues with structure,content, or pacing will be highlighted.

Constructive Feedback - Any other issues (factual errors, lack of evidence) will be commented on.

You can find out more details about how proofreading works on our 'Services' page.

How Can Proofreading Help You?

If you are an international student studying at a UK university you are at a disadvantage.

Your essays, assignments, dissertations, and other work must all be in English. But if English is not your native language, you will make mistakes in your writing.


Some of these mistakes might be minor. Others could be more serious, and might cost you marks.


But penalising you because your English is not perfect is unfair.


Native-speakers may not work as hard as you. They might not do as much research. They could be less intelligent and ambitious.


But they can get better marks than you because they find it easier to get their ideas across when writing in their mother-tongue.


Our proofreading services will correct and improve your work, lifting it up to the standard of a native speaker.


Using our services can increase your marks, getting you better grades and classifications. Having your work proofread can dramatically improve your academic performance.


Don’t delay! Get your work proofread and get the marks you deserve today!

Am I Allowed To Have My Work Proofread?

YES! You are allowed to have your work proofread.

EVERY major UK university allows their students to use proofreading services.

Proofreading is NOT the same as plagiarism, since we are proofreading your own, original work.

Proofreading is NOT the same as using an essay mill, since we are not creating any new content or doing any research for you.

If you are still unsure whether you are allowed to use a proofreading service, ask your university supervisor or tutor.


Our Pricing Policy

At AwardProof we keep pricing simple.

Our normal rate is £25 per thousand words.


If you require your work proofread at short notice (24-72 hours), we will charge our express rate of £30 per thousand words.

If you require your work proofread at very short notice (under 24 hours), we will charge our urgent rate of £35 per thousand words.

If the work is not at an acceptable standard, then we retain the right to decline it (see our terms and conditions) or we may offer to complete the work at a higher rate.

What People Say About AwardProof

The advice (from AwardProof) helped me with wording of my academic texts. Thinking in another language and writing in English is difficult and the amendments created concise sentences leading to better text structure. Thanks to this service, my academic English has improved in order to guarantee publication of my work.




Frequently Asked Questions



What is AwardProof?

AwardProof is a high level academic proofreading service provided by staff with many years of expertise and graduate qualifications in English for Academic Purposes, Business and Management and the Humanities.



What is proofreading?

If your first language is not English then you may make language errors in your documents. You may also be unused to the structure expected of academic writing in English, for example appropriacy of vocabulary, sentence, paragraph or assignment structure.

AwardProof will help you to check and amend the English language, grammar, coherence, flow and structure in your documents, ensuring that the standard of writing in them is that of a native speaker of English. We can proofread assessed presentations, assignments and dissertations, business reports, personal statements and job applications.




Am I allowed to use proofreading services?

Yes. All major UK and most international universities allow students to use proofreading services. Indeed, many university staff and tutors recommend that students for whom English is not their first language use a proofreader before submitting their work.



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